Captain Dick Britton and the Voice of the Seraph

Captain Dick Britton and The Voice of the Seraph — a pulp action adventure set in the 1930s. Thoroughly tongue-in-cheek. Acclaimed for its bewildering array of set pieces, for its inventiveness, and for the antagonist actually having a working WWI tank…

This was a huge production involving large set builds, pyrotechnics, lots of props and effects and a cast of (literally) thousands. Thousands, that is, if you count a large number of live insects used in one of the sequences. We crammed in every Indiana Jones-style pulp set-piece we could think of, with two teams of set-builders racing ahead of the participants as they progressed through the story.

The character backgrounds were loosened up considerably for this event — on purpose — relying on letters, passports, telegrams, diaries and newspaper clippings to fill in the participants about who they were playing and their relationships rather than using our usual detailed character briefs.