Articles on Design

Here are some of our published articles about narrative design.

Talks and Interviews

Over the years we’ve given lectures and interviews on aspects of our narrative design and worldbuilding processes. Here are recordings of a few of these design discussions.

Couple, Games, & Careers
Rachel and Ian talk about how they got into roleplaying and larps, and how they got to where they are in their careers, for 2021’s virtual RopeCon in Helsinki.

The Economics of Larp
Rachel talks about the analysis she has done on the costs and pricing of larp events and strategies for commercialisation, for 2021’s virtual RopeCon in Helsinki.

Game Dev London Podcast
Rachel and Ian talking to Chris Payne of Game Dev London about writing and designing live roleplaying events in 2020.

Making Horror: Hacking the Player’s Brain
Ian giving at talk for Narrascope 2019 at MIT.

Deep Dive Cast
Talking to Pumpkinberry on Deep Dive Cast about writing and design for games, larp, roleplaying and other things, in November 2018.

Script Lock #18
Ian on the Script Lock Podcast with Laura E Hall, discuss larp, videogames, and escape rooms.

Gamescom 2017
An interview Talespinners gave to Karsten at Articy:Draft about narrative design, storytelling for games, and VR.

Playstation Livestream E3 2015
Discussing SOMA at E3 in 2015 with Anthony Carboni.

Interview on Engadget/Joystiq
Interviewed on Joystiq’s Halloween 2015 livestream.